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Peatland Protocol is the first, true, ex-post methodology & standard

In our collective efforts to battle climate change, we often find ourselves delving deep into the mechanisms and methodologies of carbon offsets. As the conversation evolves, there is a growing interest in understanding and substantiating the quality and integrity of carbon credits.

Peatlands, although they cover just 3% of the world’s land, store about one-third of the earth’s soil carbon. Their preservation and restoration is critical to reducing global carbon emissions. However, measuring the exact amount of carbon sequestration from peatland restoration projects is challenging, given the complexities in their ecology and geography.

Only true ex-post carbon offsets – those based on scientific measurement of real emission reductions, can meet the scrutiny that peatland carbon offsets demand. Unlike ex-ante offsets which are based on projections, ex-post offsets are issued after the emission reduction has happened and been independently verified. This ensures transparency and enhances the credibility of the offset credits.


“Peatland has the capacity to absorb twice the amount of CO2 compared to reforestation projects”.

As for now, the Peatland Protocol is the only recognized methodology offering a true ex-post approach. It ensures that the carbon credits generated by peatland restoration and conservation projects are of high integrity and subject to rigorous scientific evaluation.
By focusing on ex-post verification and adopting robust standards like the Peatland Protocol, we can ensure that every dollar invested in carbon offsets directly contributes to verifiable, measurable reductions in atmospheric CO2.

Let’s give credit where credit is due – and let’s make sure those credits are reliable, robust, and most importantly, real.

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